Learn How to Use JourneyMaker.

Create Your Community

It's really easy to get started using JourneyMaker. The first thing that you will do is sign up to create your community. A community is your own place to store all of the Journeys that you create, and makes it easy for your audience to sign up and start reading the Bible.

Screenshot of Community Creation

Start Adding Journeys

Create your Journey. We call the custom Scripture devotionals that you are making, Journeys. Why? Because you are taking your audience on a journey through Scripture and encouraging them to grow deeper in the Word of God. As you create your Journey, JourneyMaker will walk you through step by step so that you don't miss anything.

Screenshot Journey Addition

Add Your Branding

Add your logo, Twitter, and Facebook to your community and Journey pages. This helps you to ensure that your community will be able to recognize and know who the Journey is from as your promote it to them. We want to empower you with the means to be able to reach your audience as much as possible.

Screenshot of Branding Section

Share it With Your Community

JourneyMaker makes it easy to share your community and Journeys. Visit your live community site and share that link to your Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail contacts.

Try signing up for a journey to see how easy it is for your audience to start receiving their daily Bible messages.

Text GRACE to 72717 and you are done!

Screenshot of Your Community

Add as Many Journeys as You Would Like

Rinse and Repeat. You're done, and now you get to go have fun creating more Journeys and encouraging your audience to sign up and start engaging with the Bible today.

Screenshot of Many Journeys

Cultivate a habit of daily Bible reading in your community.

Start by creating your first Journey.

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