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Jesus Culture recently hosted their Los Angeles conference where over 6,000 young adults were in attendance. It was an incredible conference and one that we were honored to have JourneyMaker be a part of. Jesus Culture partnered with American Bible Society to encourage attendees to begin growing a daily habit of reading the Word of God. To do this, Jesus Culture created a 30 day journey to promote at the conference and on their website. This journey was meant to engage each of the attendees and continue engaging with the word long after the conference was over.

JourneyMaker provided a great way for Jesus Culture to continue that conversation as well as provide the valuable feedback to let Jesus Culture know how successful their promotions were at the conference. We knew that it was important to make sure that Jesus Culture had all of the tools that they would need to effectively reach their audience and through on-stage promotions as well as some great promotions through their website and social media accounts we saw over two-thirds of the attendees sign up!

This was an incredible amount of people that signed up to receive a daily Scripture message each day for 30 days! One of the reasons that the journey that Jesus Culture created with JourneyMaker was so successful is because they were able to use their own content as well as add their branding to ensure that their audience could know and trust who the journey was from. They also made a personal connection with the audience by promoting it from stage at their conference and having people text Jesus Culture’s custom keyword to our shortcode and having thousands of immediately sign up. Go ahead and text JESUSCULTURE to 72717 and see how easy it is to start your 30 day journey with Jesus Culture!

Jesus Culture was able to grow Bible engagement in their audience and encourage thousands of people to read the Bible each and every day by simply creating a journey with JourneyMaker and sharing it with their entire audience! It doesn’t end here either, Jesus Culture has the tools to keep creating journeys and promoting them to their audience during their conferences and online campaigns to continue to further engage their audience by encouraging daily Bible reading.

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