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American Bible Society is a 200 year old organization that is innovating in the digital world each and every day. It is also the organization behind JourneyMaker. American Bible Society has created JourneyMaker to be a tool for Christian organizations to use to grow daily Bible reading, but we use it ourselves to reach our community and encourage them to read the Bible on a daily basis.

American Bible Society uses JourneyMaker to create and share our own Journeys that we have created over the past couple of years. American Bible Society has focused on using JourneyMaker to create a large library of Journeys for our community to subscribe to that deals with a lot of different life situations. If you take a look through the list of Journeys available on the American Bible Society community page, you will see journeys for love, grace, addictions, fear, job loss, and lots of other life situations!

American Bible Society has seen thousands of people read the Bible on a daily basis through the use of JourneyMaker and being able to easily share the Journeys American Bible Society has created with their community made it possible. They have also heard of numerous stories of how American Bible Society used JourneyMaker to reach their community and the impact that those daily readings of the Bible had on the individuals in American Bible Society’s community. JourneyMaker is just a tool, but when daily Bible reading occurs, the Lord really works in some incredible ways.

American Bible Society has also had the opportunity to create some Journeys for some partners like “The Bible Series” TV show that aired on the History channel. American Bible Society saw great adoption and engagement in that Journey that was created and utilized the ability to add videos into a Journey to help subscribers really engage with the message that The Bible Series had to share with American Bible Society’s community.

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