Features that grow Bible reading in your community.


Invite multiple contributors and admins into your community to create and manage all of the journeys that you are creating.


Add your own logo, Twitter & Facebook links, and custom imagery to ensure that your audience knows that all journeys are coming from you.


Keep a close eye on how many people are subscribing to your journeys with our reporting that lets you know how many people are actively subscribed.

Multiple Journeys

Grow your own library of custom Scripture devotionals by creating as many journeys as you would like.


Share videos, audio clips, or images with your audience by adding them to your day’s messages in each journey.

Email & SMS

Reach your audience no matter where they are because JourneyMaker delivers each day’s message through email or SMS.

Custom Keywords

Select a custom keyword for each journey that you create. This allows your audience to text the keyword to our shortcode and sign up immediately via text messaging.


Schedule your journeys to either start the day after someone subscribes or have everyone start at the same time by scheduling your journey to start on a specific date.

Public Site

Promote and share your public site that JourneyMaker creates for you when you sign up. This lists all your journeys and lets your community sign up.

Cultivate a habit of daily Bible reading in your community.

Start by creating your first Journey.

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